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Show time: Big weekend ahead

On Friday evening, I will be exhibiting new work at the Secord Gallery in Halifax. Opening reception 7 – 9 pm; the title of the show is “Relativity”. Then on Sunday, I will be going to Annapolis Royal, NS, for the opening reception of my exhibit there entitled “Let’s Talk”. Having two exhibits so close together was my idea. I like the pressure and the opportunity to clear out my studio a bit. Make space to paint new works.

So, if you are in the area, either or both, do stop by. Perhaps we can “talk”. On the other hand, I know abstract painting isn’t for everyone. I had to rent a cube van to take the work to Annapolis as the pieces are too big for my car: two are10’ x 3’ and two are 5’ x 4’. As they are quite heavy, I needed to call on my neighbors to load the van. While carrying the biggest ones out, one of the men asked a common question by people unfamiliar with this occupation, painting: are they all sold, how many will you sell, maybe half? My answer, of course, was I don’t know how many will sell; it would be nice if they sold, for sure. Simply put, it’s a labour of love.

In fact, that’s what the title of the exhibit, Let’s Talk, is about. Back when I first started working on the long, 10’ paintings, I had written on the canvas what was on my mind at the time: “Let’s talk about love”. Then I thought: “Let’s talk about it.” But I shortened the thought to “Let’s talk”. So let’s talk about the labour of love.


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