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The landscape of making a mark

"Thanks for Telling Me"; 48" x 48"; oil & collage on canvas

When it comes right down to it, everything can be said to be about how we move through space. And then, pushing this further, does space become time? I was thinking about this because someone asked me what the series of marks I often put across a painting mean. I would be hard put to give them a meaning other than they take the eye with them as they move across the painting. The painting isn’t anything other than how your eye moves in it, on it, across it. And how this makes you feel.

I like to play around with different kinds of marks, but do usually come back to ones I have used before. At a certain point, though, they change, sometimes because I am thinking they are becoming a habit, easy solution to visual issues. Other times they change without my intending it. They are living their life from one end to the other. From one part of the painting to another. Marks have a beginning, a middle and an end. Not just literally but also in their lifespan, how they move through their life.

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07 jun 2022

HI Leya, i love how you describe making marks....i resonant with this feeling so much. i've been exploring 'my' marks of late and find so often there is a certain way the instrument moves that i just's as simple as that sometimes. but also, as you say, they move the eye around the painting.

Hope you and Romeo are well and happy. Lovely to have spring here isn't it!

Me gusta
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