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Passing thoughts from hand to hand

Rails-to-Trails, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

My photo shoot went well this morning. I had everything lined up, ready to go, which helped a lot. It helped also that I didn’t have any very large, multiple panel pieces to photograph. Next time.

Then I took my dog Lila for a walk on the Rails-to-Trails. At the bus stop this morning (Lila and I like to hang out with the kids, their moms or dads, and dogs, as they wait for the school bus), one of the moms told me about a new place to get on the Trail. And it just a short drive from my house.

It was a perfect day. The sky was clear, the air crisp and the autumn leaves that were left on the trees sparkled in the bright sun. Lila loves to go to new places. She romps around with a big smile.

I have mixed feelings about the Trail. It’s great to see so many people use it, walking with or without dogs, biking, in all kinds of weather. I’ve been told it runs from Halifax to Yarmouth. I’ve gotten on to it in many places. It’s very useful.

On the other hand, Nova Scotia needs a commuter rail system. Considering the extremes of weather we get in the winter–rain, snow, rain, ice–it would be safer than the buses (which we don’t have out here anyway). Putting in a commuter system would have been so easy. But now the tracks have been taken up for quite a while; it is a great place to walk. I would miss it if they did put a train system back in. Still, a train system would be very useful.

(As you can see, I am not thinking about the election happening south of me right now!)


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