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Color for what

A couple of days ago a friend asked, via text, what my favorite color scheme is. She is poling people and wouldn’t tell me why. So I’m left wondering.

Color scheme? For what? My response would be too lengthy to go in a text, although I think it will anyway (exercise my thumbs). Currently, for my house, I am preferring whites. But I do have intense color accents on the stairwells. All the places I lived in New York were like this, mostly white with a bright red, blue, green wall. When I first moved to Nova Scotia, I used soft colors on the walls in all the rooms. That changed a year ago.

Then for clothes, to be honest, I really like red and black. But wouldn’t want to wear that every day. And purple is becoming a strong second.

For painting, that’s more complicated. I’ll take any color and play with it. Recently I’ve been more interested in earth colors than in the past. It feels good to be more grounded, obviously, but I still need to spice it up with those cadmiums and other bright colors.

I am interested to know why this question was posed. Color is such a personal and relative commodity. Depends where and for what, and how much, especially in painting.


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