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I’ve been obsessing a bit recently about the painting hanging over my piano now for about three years. I didn’t want to sell it for a long time; now I do. I’m ready to let it go. Especially after this morning. I realize what it is I needed to learn from it: first, it has a dramatic edge I have been avoiding recently. Not just avoiding, but actually unable to allow to stay even when I was able to make it happen.

So, I was thinking: “Leya, you have mastered the art of subtlety. Now maybe you can let it go, be more dramatic.” No, I thought, I don’t want to let the subtleties go. So maybe I can combine the two: drama and subtlety. Much more satisfying. Of course, I have to wait and see how I feel about what I did today when I go back at it tomorrow.

#Nonverbalcommunication #Creativity #VisualArt #Perception #arts #AbstractArt #Painting #Color

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