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What’s in a night’s sleep

It always surprises me how a good night’s sleep can change what I see, how I think. Yesterday I went into my studio expecting not to touch the paintings that had troubled me so much the day before. But one look and I knew exactly what to do with them. Just because I had left them overnight.

I’ve been trying to stay with what has been so difficult for me the past couple of years–blue. I haven’t yet figured out what the problem with blue is for me. I have been successful a couple of times. But not the same as with red, orange or yellow. The best blue ones usually had a lot of purple in with the blue.  I just don’t want to do that right now so I am examining blue from other points of view.  Sometimes I think it is too pretty or too easy but the fact is, it is just too hard right now. So I’m staying with it anyway.

And, like Scarlet, I’ll think about it tomorrow.


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