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What I did at summer camp

The Tai Chi Camp was amazing (but then, that’s what you would expect me to say, right!). We did an hour of qi gong, an hour of Tai Chi, an hour of push-hands three times a day, more or less. For three and a half days. Not bad. I ended up sore but not hurting. Rather, soft and flexible. And vulnerable. The weekend ended up with a dash to my confidence. Maybe from fatigue, but the last person I was coupled with for push-hands kept throwing me off balance very unexpectedly and easily. Giving me some food for thought, or rather non-thought. Something to work with, furthering my vision of qi.

Every time we thought we had “accomplished” something, our teacher, Shih Bin Wu, would find yet another way to up the ante, upgrade our qi, as he puts it.  Upgrading.  Always.

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