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It’s a good thing I’m a paintaholic. I’m ready for an exhibit of my work anytime. And Friday I received an email from the Visual Voices Gallery in Truro, Nova Scotia (the second largest city in NS) asking if I would be able to and interested in exhibiting there in a couple of weeks. The gallery owner, Nuri Guerra, got my name from a fellow artist who had also taught at NSCAD and, by coincidence, had been a year ahead of me in art school. Nuri was looking for an abstract painter to exhibit with the sculptor she has scheduled. My work fits well in this situation.

Apparently this gallery does best selling smaller works. That’s a bit difficult for me. My work is best larger, but I do always keep working in various sizes, small and large. Recently I have been working on some 8“ x 8” paintings instead of my usual 12“ x 12”. I find just that little change in scale stimulating enough to charge the work.

So now I have to get busy finishing up the smaller paintings I’ve been putting aside so I could have a bigger playing field. As usual, I do love a challenge.


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