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Yesterday I turned my house, my car and my dog over to my friend Sean and now I am in New York City visiting Tamar, Dan and Damian. It was an easy trip down and a shock to be here. After my relatively quiet life in Nova Scotia, I am struggling with the speed, color and chaos of the City. Even the taxi that took me from the airport had a small TV in the back seat, a foot from my face. I felt assaulted until I figured out how to turn it off.

It’s good to be here, to see how Damian is doing, be a part of their lives. We haven’t done much today. Mostly domestic stuff. Next week I will be meeting some of the people who have helped Damian recover from his recent Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He is looking much better than last time I saw him. The treatment seems to have been successful. That’s a relief. At fourteen, he has long feet and is taller than me.

Besides being with my daughter and her family, I plan to spend some time poking around Manhattan and visit some friends. I do love the City. But I’m glad I don’t live here any more. Nova Scotia is the right speed for me now.


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