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Two paths in the snow

Finally the canvas I ordered has come in. But we had a major snowfall, 37 cm. on Wednesday and my schedule hasn’t accommodated going into Halifax to get it. I will on Monday. Then it’s back to hard labor, stretching and priming.

Meanwhile it was the Chinese/Buddhist New Year celebration on Sunday.  I went to the St. Margaret’s Bay Shambhala Centre for meditation practice in the morning.  I came home to have lunch with Lila.  Then off to a Valentine’s Day party given by a friend from my tai chi classes.  I used to be a devoted meditator, a proud, card carrying Buddhist.  It’s been good for me.  Years of sitting on the cushion, working with my mind.  Taking some classes, being part of an every growing community.

But currently I have been spending that kind of energy on my tai chi and qi gong practices.  There have been times I have felt strange about it, as if I am abandoning an old friend.  I did enjoy the Sunday meditation with people I’ve known for a long time, some for thirty years.  And I do love the meditation practice itself.  But right now, at this point in my life, I enjoy the way the body is the source of meditation in the Taoist practices.  I need to move.  And I need to learn how to do that in the most beneficial way possible.  I think both paths lead to the same end.  This is the one I need now.


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