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Travel news

I can’t believe this!  I wrote a long entry, pressed the wrong button and now it’s gone!  Guess I just have to try again!

It was about an enjoyable encounter I had at the airport.  While waiting to go through what seemed to be the endless hassles of security in the age of fear at airports, I noticed a very interesting looking woman.  She had a bright face and was wearing an intriguing outfit.  As I do love clothes, I was particularly taken with the many layers of skirts, all black, some lace, some seemed to be embroidered or plain, and interesting leggings and black sandal.  She had on a grey knit sweater with a crocheted flower on it.  Altogether very charming.  We exchanged a few comments on the tedious procedures we were experiencing.

I saw her again in the waiting area.  We began chatting.  It turned out we were both going to the Newark airport but on different airlines.  She, Cathie Borrie (I’m sure she won’t mind a little plug here), is a writer, just published a memoir and also a book with a fresh view of the Alzheimer’s experience and was on a promotional tour.  She said she thought I was in the arts when she first saw me.  I always think of myself as a fairly conservative dresser, but apparently not.  I have been told otherwise many times.  But then, maybe it is just my look of continual absorption in the last or next painting!  In any case, I’m looking forward to reading her books.

On another note, my luggage didn’t arrive with me, rather came this morning at 6:30 am.  Apparently it had taken a side trip to the Baltimore/Washington airport.  Last time I came here it went to Texas first.  Wanderlust!


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