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Today is another day

Yesterday was one of those perfect days. Thanks mainly to my friend Sean who encouraged some of his friends to join us for Studio Rally Open House here in my studio. By afternoon my studio was full, people asking interesting questions and looking carefully at the work. I learn so much from what other people see; so fascinating to tune in to their vision.

The most usual question I get is how much time do I spend in my studio, how long does it take to make a painting. I’ve begun saying I paint twenty-six hours a day. I actually never stop thinking about my work. It’s always there, in the background or the foreground. I like it this way.

Yesterday someone asked why I started painting in panels. I’ve been doing large paintings this way for several years now and really find it very satisfying, in many ways. I answered by saying: “The real reason is because they can fit in my car.” For transportation.  Sean overheard as he was leaving the room and told me later he giggled all the way up the stairs. In fact, it does make large paintings more manageable. It also has become exciting to see what happens when I put them together. I have a strong tendency to push the image to the edges of the canvas. With panels, I can then have images that are in the middle of the piece. So the panels become multipurpose.

More visitors came today. More questions. More fun. Now to get back to work.


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