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So, my studio is tidy; my house is clean and I am waiting for the hordes of people to descend on me to see my work. It’s a good time to catch up on my thoughts here. What keeps running through my mind is how strongly I believe in the value of art, of culture in all its forms: literature, film, dance. In a society that is increasingly overlooking how important the arts are to life itself and with a stressed economic situation, it is hard sometimes to believe. But that thought never lasts long. I continue to paint and know that someone will benefit. It’s about quality of life.

Living off the main path, it sometimes takes a while for people to get here.  Metaphorically and physically.  For years, abstract art was considered dead, a dead-end.  But it’s all I ever wanted to do so I continued.  And continue.  Representational work can be wonderful; I do enjoy seeing it.  I do draw well and can get carried away (which is a nice place to be) when drawing.  But painting things just doesn’t excite me the way being totally free to explore the possibilities of what paint can do all on its own.

Oops, there’s the doorbell.  Gotta go!


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