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This must be Kansas


The reception was great, well attended, enjoyable. Several people I hadn’t seen in a while were there, some old students, old friends, new friends. Very satisfying. I don’t have good installation photos yet. They will come.

The weather was something else last night. It was a very heavy rain day, flooding on the roads and bitter winds. After the opening reception, I stepped out into what must have been a wind tunnel and was picked up like I was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Blown up into the air and out onto the pavement. A bit bruised up now with bloody knees, but I don’t seem to have any broken bones. Just pain and shock.

This afternoon I fly to Ottawa on a plane, not the wind, for the opening reception there of my exhibit at the Orange Gallery. If you are in the area, do stop by! It’s at 1 pm:

COINCIDENTALLYLeya EvelynMar 30 – Apr 17, 2016Opening Reception: Sunday April 3rd, 1 to 4 pm.Artist Talk: Thursday April 7th, 7 to 9pmPlease join us with Leya Evelyn on Sunday April 3rd from 1-4pm for the opening reception. Chocolatier, Aaron Bihari from Cocohari Fine Chocolates Confections, will be serving up the finest chocolate gems. ART + Chocolate Gems + Coffee = 1 Great Sunday AfternoonWe’ve planned a unique opportunity for Ottawa’s art lovers to view Halifax-based artist Leya Evelyn’s brilliant abstract paintings. Leya Evelyn’s current body of works offers a great depth and rich rewards. These brilliant complex, multilayered paintings have an immediate, intense impact through her skillful use of colour and subtle compositions. Each of these new paintings has a distinct and varied inner life. The work defies generalization and broadens the possibilities of abstract art.


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