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This is what I do. No apologies.

Ashburn Golf Course, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

For the first time ever, I made a comment on an on-line group thread. Someone had asked about how to introduce yourself so people will take you seriously as an artist. Most of the suggestions were about developing a little storyline telling what you do, the kind of artwork, materials and such. “I’m an artist: I paint in oils. I do abstractions with intense color.”

It all sounds like an apology to me. What I said on this thread was something to the effect that people hear more than the words. They sense from your body language and tone of voice how you feel about what you are doing: if you have pride in and respect for your work, there is no problem.

I’ve never had any one raise their eyes as if I was doing something strange. Usually it is a beginning of an interesting conversation. In general, people are curious about artists. Let’s face it, everyone wants to make art.


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