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The table before dinner

Friday I went to a friend’s fiftieth birthday party. It was held in beautiful Kingsburg, by the ocean, an hour or so down the shore. The day was foggy. So much so that my skin would be wet as soon as I stepped outside. Dinner was held in a barn. It was an elaborate Indian dinner, cooked by the professional chef partner of the birthday girl.

I first met Jody in, I believe, 2001. She and her partner Paulo came to the door while I was being filmed for a TV series, Artiste Dans L’Ame. I was to create a painting to some music by a composer in Manitoba and in turn, he did a song to my painting. In the last part of the film, we met and exchanged thoughts about our experience. It was a very enjoyable experience, but I must say, I was not as pleased with my product (the painting) as I would have liked to be. My working process may be quick, but still, it takes a long time to make a painting be right. (I have since painted over the piece and do like it now.)

Jody had rented my work from the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and it was a birthday treat from Paulo to come for the visit. When Jody came to my house that day, true to form, she started asking some very pointed and intelligent questions about my work. Unfortunately they stopped filming and we will never retrieve that moment. So much about creativity is that unexpected moment of spontaneity, taking it quickly, moving with it. But Jody and I have developed a friendship with her insights about and support of my artwork very prominent.  It was a very special celebration, her fiftieth.


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