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The sound of spring

Ashburn Golf Course, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

The days have been unseasonably warm this week. Spring has come early for Nova Scotia, setting records well above normal. Everyone is smiling.

I’ve been back from New York for a couple of weeks and the time has been full. First my computer decided to bite the dust. Then I needed to decide on what to get, set it up and learn how to work the new system. I bought an iMac. I had to rearrange the furniture in my living room a little in order to accomodate the big screen. I didn’t want it to become a shrine to technology. I therefore needed to move the desk a few feet off the center of the windows facing the lake and put the machine towards the corner. I’m getting used to the new arrangement and it’s exciting learning how to use this complex tool.

I’ve also been painting a fair bit. Somehow, a week away seems to be as fertile as a week in the studio. I always notice that when I sit down to play the piano after some time away from it. It usually sounds so much better than if I were playing every day. Funny how that is. I guess the mind relaxes without the daily pressures and expectations.


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