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The sky dreams

Sky over the lake, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

It’s partway through July already; summer is speeding by. It’s funny how time moves much faster the older you get. I remember how long summer was when I was a young girl. I remember sitting under a sheet that made a tent inside my small bedroom. I could hide there for days, playing made-up games, shutting out the whole world by making a new one.

Now I feel I have so much to do, I want the week to have more days. We haven’t had a summer this beautiful that I can remember. So far, just enough rain to keep the garden happy and more than enough sun to be able to swim almost every day.

It has also been cool enough most mornings, at least, so I can paint. Because I use oils, I wear a full face mask to protect myself from the fumes. (I look like Darth Vader when I am working.) Sometimes it can get very sweaty under the mask. It hasn’t been too bad this summer. Meanwhile, I still keep trying to understand where my paintings are leading me, why they are doing this.


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