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The power of home

I’m pretty much back in the groove of being home now. I even knew where I was when I woke up this morning. It does still feel a little strange to see tufts of snow still on the ground. And they are suggesting more snow for Tuesday. I keep looking at the weather map in Memphis: 23 C. (74 F.) and sunny!

But I did get to work in the greenhouse this afternoon and came home with some little plants for my cold-frame. So it is Spring! Even here where it is below freezing at night.

Mainly I’ve been able to work in my studio for three days. I was looking forward to painting but had to do some preliminary work on several large canvases. That’s the hard part: putting on the collage and gesso, waiting to get to the “real thing”. I did sneak in some time on a few canvases I was working on before I left. It feels like the time away was a good gestation period. Life on the canvases is going well. I turned one canvas upside down in order to paint the “bottom” edge and liked it much better. So I worked on it and am very pleased.  Upside down is right side up now.


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