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The blues

I was talking to my friend Sean at a party Sunday evening. He’s been an enthusiastic supporter of my work for several years and has a special understanding of it.  I was telling him about my struggles with blue.  He mentioned how much he had liked the painting (posted below) I offered at the auction for the GPI Youth organization.  Enough that he is now sorry he didn’t bid on it.  It was blue but a purple-blue.

Listening to him turned my head around to see what I really like about the colours I use: that they are not attached to anything specific. I don’t have a problem using the same red over and over, or the same yellow.  So why not use a blue I feel connected to.  There are so many subtle variations waiting to be discovered in any color.  So the extra ordinary blue in the painting he liked has inspired me to continue in that direction, because I like it too!

While working with this blue the last couple of days, I’ve also found ways to vary it, push it further, so that satisfies my need to explore the possibilities of the color.  I no longer feel the pain of a blue that feels too ordinary.


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