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The black and white of it

Kingsburg in the fog, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

Jo Beale came Tuesday to pick out work for my exhibit at her gallery which opens Sunday. Thursday I had photos taken of some new paintings. I just got home from hanging my work at the gallery in LaHave, opening tomorrow afternoon. I suppose, because there is a pause in my activities right now, for a few hours anyway, I feel strangely quiet, empty, sad.

After hanging the work today, I went to visit a friend in Kingsburg. There are beautiful beaches there and, as it was yet another warm sunny day, we hung out both by and in the water. I threw pebbles into the water for Lila to chase. She’s tired, I’m tired, and tomorrow I drive back for the opening reception. Sunday the opening reception is in the other direction, to Glen Margaret in St. Margaret’s Bay.

After Jo picked up the work, I felt very inspired to continue painting. She chose large pieces in a variety of colors, and then, small (very small) works in black and white. I’ve been doing black and white paintings for many years but they rarely get exposure. I find them helpful in clarifying ideas and also, sometimes not working in color feels liberating. These particular pieces range in size from very small, 3“ x 5”, to slightly bigger, about 12“ x 12”.

So I pulled out my paints onto the dining room table and went at it. Now I need to replace the fabric on the chairs. Paint gets onto everything.


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