The B’Day

Bayswater Beach, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

Birthdays are such interesting events. It seems there is often a duplicity happening: you want the attention, you call it a special day, or if you don’t, others do but then, on the other hand, getting all that attention for just being alive another day seems a bit odd, maybe even embarrassing.

Then there is that amazing creation called Facebook. Where all the people I rarely see wish me happy birthday. It seems the perfect use for FB. I don’t hang out there much. I prefer old-fashioned email. But it has its uses. Announcements, finding people, links, and especially, the Birthday.

Yesterday, the Real Day, was fun: Aaron & Joanne joined me for a game of miniature golf. The course, indoors, is like an underwater, psychedelic event, winding through an underworld of fantasy. Joanne won, great hand-eye coordination even with the many distractions of screaming children and odd decor. Then we went for dinner and my friend Val joined us.

So here’s to another year!