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The airport has hearts

Yoko just sent me the photos she took of Aaron, Joanne and me at the airport.

Leya's Hearts at the airport
Leya's Hearts info

That was a happy day!  Since then, two weeks ago, Aaron and Joanne have found an apartment in Halifax and moved in Saturday.  That evening the three of us and Yoko went to the movies and dinner.  It’s an annual event:  Yoko and I always escape to the movies on Halloween.

This year we went to see Coco Before Chanel. It was good.  It’s still linguring in my thoughts.  It’s haunting me:  her single-minded passion for her work and also her unique combination of fearlessness and vulnerablility.  Qualities that seem to be the necessary foundation for making art.  Being open and daring.

Yoko and I had seen Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky at the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax in September.  It was also very intriguing, the kind of movie that makes you want to know more about the people in it.  Both Yoko and I went home and read up on them.  I’d still like to know more.

And we avoided the little Halloween beggers!


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