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Taking on the internet

The ultimate insult of being older is not knowing things the average ten year old knows today about the internet: what is a stmp (or is it smtp) or a P.O.P or an ftp. Recently I wanted to redo my website using WordPress so that I could update it more easily. In the process I moved my domain name from one site to another. Or rather, I thought I had. Yesterday, when I realized I hadn’t received any emails for eight hours, and a friend told me her email to me had bounced back, I tried to access my website ( and found it didn’t exist. I thought I was paid up on the new site. With Aaron prompting me because I didn’t have a clue what was going on, I unsuccessfully chatted on-line with a site operator.  She seemed to know less than me, and definitely less than Aaron.  Then I tried to call the manager, reached someone in Manila, where their internet access was down, called the other site and the situation was, finally, resolved. Apparently, it seems, the name registration holder is different from the web host.  A ten-year-old probably knows this!

So it took a few days of panic and kind friends (one being my helpful son) to sort this out. But it certainly did make me feel out-of-date. At this point, I have my email and website back up. The website still needs more work, but it is visible. I need to learn a lot more about the technology of using it.

It’s so much easier to struggle with the problems of painting. I know the technology I’m using. I’ve developed it over many years. I know all the words I use and I know where to look when I have a problem: if it’s not from another artist or a book, the answer is, always, my gut.


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