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Starting again (and again)


I’ve often heard it is hard to work when you have an exhibit on. I’ve not experienced that before now. Usually when I have work up in a gallery, I am very critical of what I have done, see what needs to be done next, where to go, and am directed by that. This time, with the exhibit at Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery (up for one more week), I have had a very different experience. Possibly because I created most of the work specifically for this exhibit and was so focused on that for the past year, I now feel unexpected hesitation and questions.

Thinking about it now, I can see how keeping the main color range limited in this work actually increased the variety of marks and colors used in what I call the “image” of the painting. It’s a very different feeling from what I had been doing for quite a while. I think, but of course won’t really know until I have done it, I will continue mainly from here, not try and invent the wheel again. Just keep rolling along.

Note: Installation photos credit Steve Farmer


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