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After a long hiatus from painting due to health issues, I am finally back at work in my studio. For the first time since I started many years ago, I was feeling like I might never paint again. Laying low, I watched a lot of good movies and read some good books. Not even thinking much about painting. Usually it is a twenty-five hour a day obsession. This period felt odd, like being retired must feel. Without the organizing principle of work.

Then I received an email from the Orange Gallery in Ottawa asking for a show March 22 to April 9. So I got back at it right away. I feel human again! As if there hadn’t been any time gap.

Apparently I did know I would resume work soon. Last week I cleaned up my studio and ordered paint. When the paint came, I was very excited. It meant I could paint again. I might have been thinking I didn’t miss it, but I am ready to work now. Painting is what I do, not who I am. There is so much more to being a person than what you do, but those things feed the work. I’m ready for a big meal now.


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