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Sitting in airports, again

Aarlborg, DK airport, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

Tamar and Damian came in yesterday afternoon. I went to the airport to pick up them up and was mesmerized watching the people waiting for the passengers. Three planes landed almost simultaneously: one from London, U.K., one from Boston and, the one I was waiting for, from New York. The line up was so long, it must have taken longer to clear customs than to fly here. And the Halifax airport used to be so small.

Tamar and family didn’t get to come here for Aaron’s wedding last year because of Dan’s illness. He’s fine now. So it is especially poignant to have them here. We are going to have dinner with Aaron and Joanne at their new house tonight. This afternoon we are off to the Aspatogan to walk on the Bayswater Beach. It’s a little chilly today but not raining. A pleasant change for them from the hot city.


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