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Revising revisions


(A Poem That You Wrote, no. 3; 60″ x 72″; oil & collage on canvas)

I have one of the paintings from the Saint Mary’s exhibit hanging in my living room. I didn’t put it in my recent exhibit at the Secord Gallery. I need to keep it for a while to understand how it happened, what makes it unique, what it has to say to me. There’s a story there I want to hear, a conversation. I look at it and become immersed in parts of it, then move on, go back to the whole image. A friend asked me today what appeals so strongly to me about this painting, why this one. I think it is the nature of fearless strength it has yet there is still a mysterious subtlety to it. It is both bold and quiet at the same time.

This painting was my favorite at the Saint Mary’s exhibit. But it was not quite right, just a little too uncoordinated. So I reworked it, calmed it down. But I overdid it. Not good. It lost its vitality. So I reworked it again. Now we are both happy, the painting and I.


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