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When we went to the radiation clinic for a followup visit, Damian bounded up to the reception desk with a cheerful smile and said: “Remember me?” Of course, they did and were happy to see him so healthy. His treatment had been interrupted at the children’s clinic because of Sandy. It was resumed at the adult Center where they were not used to treating children. Coming out of his first treatment there, he comment: “What do they think I am, chopped liver?” They learned; Damian taught them. He finished treatment December 5, with good results and new friends.

I go back to Nova Scotia tomorrow. A short visit. I did manage to squeak in a trip to MoMA. They have an exhibit of the origins of abstract art. It was fascinating to see how far reaching the early ideas and their produce were, and still are. Most of the exhibit was from a hundred years ago. 1913. That number is hard to comprehend. The work feels so recent. I have seen much of the what was on exhibit over my gallery going years. Time is such a relative phenomenon.


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