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Red is the color of my true love

What Is 4Ever More, no.5

A few days ago I received an email from someone I  know who is interested in my work.  She mentioned she had a love affair with red, did I remember.  Of course, I remembered: I too love red.  So does Damian.  It’s a heartfelt color.

I’ve put red aside for awhile, have been working mostly in pale greens, whites, creams because I’ve been interested in the high contrast component currently.  I had started a few red paintings over the past year or so, but was not happy with them, wasn’t sure I would continue.  But given the inspiration to concentrate on them again, I had a burst of red energy and want to thank her for writing.

Since returning from NYC, I’ve had to take care of dog, house and car problems.  Most of my studio time has been spent putting the collage elements on, preparing to paint, eventually.  I even spent a day cleaning up my studio.  Enough.  Time to get back at it.


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