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Sometimes I wonder if I die tomorrow, would I leave a decent body of work behind.  This is not a depressing thought, just a reality check.  I often wonder have I accomplished what would make my paintings memorable.  I think maybe so, but on the other hand, I know I can keep painting for years to come.  There is much more I want to explore.

These thoughts were brought home this morning by two things.  First, I am low on supplies and it makes painting difficult.  It makes me want to take a break until I can gather up the canvas and paint I need so badly.  I’m getting very tired of going over older pieces, making them more satisfying to me.  It’s not very satisfying not to have something new to work on.

Then too, this morning I had a conversation on the road with a neighbor.  We often stop and chat when walking our dogs.  The dogs sit there obligingly as if waiting for the school bus.  My neighbor was telling me she is making funeral arrangements for another neighbor (who has moved away) who is near death.  The woman who is ill, her husband and my neighbor-friend are calmly discussing the details of the funeral, who will preside, who will sing and play music, where it will be and such.  Death is a reality.  In this case, it comes with warning.


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