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Praise be the internet. . .

When I opened my email yesterday morning, I found an invitation to be part of a group show in Romania the end of 2010. Pretty cool.  I’d like to go with my painting.  But it’s only one painting so I can’t really justify the expense.

That’s a part of the world I’d really like to explore.  My father was born in Latvia, Riga to be exact.  He emmigrated to Boston, Mass. when he was six years old.  My mother’s parents were also from Riga.  When my father moved to Washington, D.C. for law school, he looked up for a family from Riga to board with.  My mother was one of five girls.  He always said he picked the brightest and most beautiful.  And that produced my sister and me.  I’m grateful, but still, that doesn’t get me across the ocean again, yet.


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