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P1040368, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

Maybe the hardest part of coming home is being home. After so much activity, it is quiet here. I did get into my studio this morning and was very productive. Maybe the workshop had its effect directly on my painting. But often when I am away from it, the energy builds and helps charge the work. I had some pieces already photographed but still nagging at me. So all that fresh energy went into “fixing” them up. Felt good. I had been going back and forth about whether do work into them again, whether they were good enough or would I just create more problems. I’ll know tomorrow. I’ll sleep on it tonight.

I have to say, it was fascinating for me to see how people work with their various fears around creativity. My fear goes right to my throat. When I had to do anything around singing, my throat seized up and I was shaking. I thought I would choke. Nevertheless, I did it. Next time, I will ask to be first or second. Then I won’t have time to worry. It’s just the thinking that sets me off.

Maybe that’s why I love painting so much. The painting only talks to my eyes and heart, bypasses speech.


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