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Only hearts are real

When I came out of my Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM in contemporary lingo) class on Lower Water Street last Saturday, my car had some graffiti carved into the heavy winter dirt that has been accumulating–hearts and smiley faces all over the sides and back window. I liked it so much I left it.

Wednesday I gave Aaron a ride through Halifax after we had spent some time working on my website. He asked me how I liked the graffiti and then told me he and Joanne had done the artwork on my car. They had been walking along the harbor on Saturday, saw my car and decided to decorate it.

As I was driving home on the highway, a small school bus passed me with a load of young teens. They all had smiley faces, enjoying the hearts on my car. It was infectious. I smiled too.  But I had to wash the car last night so I took a photo in the morning, capturing my house through the smiling window:

I recently read a book titled Only Love Is Real, by Dr. Bernard Weiss, about a psychiatrist who treats his patients by regressing them, has them experience, through a mild hypnosis, past lives.  Whether you believe in this or not is irrelevant to the story.  What is most interesting in the book is how things unfold naturally.  Our response to the events is still our decision/choice.  What Dr. Weiss is emphasizing is the importance of the attitude of love in all situations.  Compassion, as in the hearts on my car, is contagious.  Tell this to the politicians!


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