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One step at a time

Prospect Bay, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

This is going to be hard to write, but I am going to do it anyway because it is the background for everything I do right now. My grandson was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma. The prognosis is good, the treatment hard. He’ll be having chemo this week for three days, then three weeks off, and then three more days and we don’t know beyond that. He seems to be handling it well, doing what is necessary, preparing himself, understanding what he can. It is hard but he continues to have his playful sense of humor, making jokes about the procedures as it goes along. I am very impressed with him, his maturity about it.

Sometimes I feel I may seem very calm about the situation. I’m going about things, painting, swimming, eating, sleeping, enjoying my life as I can. I have a feeling he will be fine. He’s in the best of care. Tamar and Dan know how to help him through this. I’ll do what I can to help. It wouldn’t be useful for me to complicate things with my own emotions. I want only what will benefit him.

Life is so very complicated sometimes. To paraphrase Tamar, at least they can take it. They are very strong people, very dedicated. This is just what is happening, that’s it, that’s the hand that has been dealt. For now.


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