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On to Roumania

If only I could travel as much as my artwork!  An exhibit of paintings, drawings and photographs will be opening in the art museum in Timisoara, Roumania on January 14.  My painting will be there but not me.  Next time!

This exhibit was put together by Elizabeth Ochsenfeld.  She has set up a blog about the exhibit.  It’s a very ambitious and interesting project.  The theme is birches.  That makes me a tree-hugger.  Although it’s not a label I would have put on myself.  A couple of weeks ago a friend visiting my studio asked if I was ever inspired to paint the scenery outside my studio window.  I see the lake, some fascinating rock structures, some islands, lots of trees.  I quickly said no.  Although the woods surrounding my house, the lake, the brook are all very important as nourishment for my painting process, my work is more human-based.  I think about people and relationships, I think.  But thinking further, there would be no people without nature, without landscape and we are only part of that.  People-hugger/tree-hugger.


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