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On the trail

On the trail, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

It seems like my current paintings are beginning to look like the small black and white pieces I have done over the past year or so. When I tried to match them deliberately, change from black and white to color and also the large shift in scale, it was awkward and labored. Now, when I am not even trying, it happens. Interesting.

I feel like I am going in the back door. Sneaking up on my painting process. My tai chi and Traditional Chinese Medicine teacher is always telling us how disruptive thinking too much can be on one’s health. The muscles become tight and then the cells can’t breath and then it gets serious. So all I needed to do was to stop thinking so much. It usually happens when I get fed up with what I’ve found to work, when the easy way is no longer acceptable.

So now I have to see if this path is going to produce paintings I find satisfying. So often I find the process very exciting only to discard the result. We will see. Check in again next week!


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