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NYC – A bite of the big apple


After a week in NYC, I’m home to my own quiet jungle. New York was lovely. A strange word to use to label that city. But it felt very soft. Warm, sunny and safe with family and friends.

The main purpose was my grandson’s high school graduation. The ceremony itself was exceptional. Forty students each made a video expressing, more or less, their feelings about graduating. Mostly gratitude, some antics, some clever, all sincere. A very talented, intelligent group of students.

I also was fortunate to see the Rauschenberg retrospective exhibit at MoMA. I saw a lot of his work when I lived in Manhattan. There were videos in the exhibit of his set designs for Merce Cunningham’s dances. The show brought back so many memories of my days in New York, how accessible art was in those days. Just walking out the door was an easy trip to a museum or gallery. These days it is a big event that doesn’t happen often. I don’t mind, actually like my quiet life. But then, I have seen so much, and easily. I don’t really feel a need to chase down excitement. There is plenty, right here inside my mind and memories.


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