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Nocturne this time

Nocturne in Halifax was the big event Saturday evening. Art in the street, on the buildings, in elevators, shops and galleries. There was too much to be able to see everything, but a few installations did stand out.  One of my favorites was a mass of large balloons surrounding an abandoned house down near the waterfront. They were weather balloons and could be inflated up to about twenty feet in diameter.  Lit from behind, in the dark night, it was stunning:

Another favorite was a lawn filled with clay bunnies.  Demon bunnies, about two hundred, with gleaming eyes.  Walking through the garden of bunnies felt enchanting:

And then there was Bar Har Har.  A laugh bar.  You could order a laugh (a guffaw, silly, train wreck, evil santa, hot mama and so on) from the menu and the bar tender would give you a laugh and then you gave one back, all into the microphone as it was being streamed out onto the street below.  You couldn’t help but laugh!  And there was a line-up to get into the bar.

I would have liked it if the events had been closer together so I could have seen more.  It was a cold, windy night, very refreshing.  But I was ready to go to a warm home by midnight, when I turn into a pumpkin anyway.


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