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News from St. FX

The show is RED, very Red. It looks good.  I’m pleased and the opening reception was well attended.  Lots of artists there, some I knew from Halifax connections.  When Bruce Campbell, the gallery director, introduced me, he talked a fair bit about abstract art, how it isn’t always understood or accepted, not in the main stream any more. He described my painting process as working with raw language, one that comes from the beginning of emotions, creating a fluidness to the intensity I create through color, mark making and gesture.  He commented that I was going against the current, brave to continue painting abstract.  My reply:  I never for a minute considered doing anything else so I am not brave. It’s just what I do.

It’s been rainy and very windy all day. I left Antigonish early to avoid as much of the storm as I could.  The drive home wasn’t too bad. I was glad to get home safely.


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