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Munch Museum

Oslo, Norway, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

It was impossible to leave Oslo without stopping at the Munch Museum. An interesting experience. His paintings are not spectacular in their use of color and they are awash with sentimentality, yet, for me, they all had such interesting use of composition, I was intrigued. As well, by contrast to Van Gogh’s intense emotion portrayed by color, thick paint and repetitive brush strokes, Munch used mainly extremely thin paint, muted colors yet obvious but not as repetitive brush strokes.

They had a movie about his life to begin the exhibit. It was interesting to hear about his life, its many personal trials. Towards the end of his life he didn’t want to sell his work. He “needed it” to be able to make peace with himself. As well, when he died, the gates to his estate were rusted shut. They hadn’t been opened in ten years. How’s that for solitude!


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