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Sunday morning, Michael Enright, on the Sunday Edition (one of my favorite programs! favorite moderator) interviewed Petula Clark. At 82 she is one of the most impressive women. Besides having a clear, strong singing voice (as Michael Enright so aptly put it, she still hits the center of the note), she is a clear, strong person. One thing she said stands out for me. Michael commented on her fearless life choices and she said she likes to do things which have a slight sense of danger.

I understand completely. There is no better way to create art. There was a time, not too long ago, whenever I started something “new” in my work, I would call a friend for reassurance. Now I just keep going.

On George Stroumboulopoulos tonight, he interviewed the Canadian director, Jason Reitman, who, in his early thirties, has made enough successful, top quality films to fill many a lifetime. The secret of his success, in his words, is luck. He was born lucky. He had a successful film director father. But also he had a father who gave him the best advice. When Joseph was about to go to medical school, become a doctor, do something “useful”, his father told him medicine was a noble profession, but he didn’t think it had enough magic in it for him. He was a story teller. Follow your heart. From his father who heard the same from his father. For me it has just been, what I call, sheer stubbornness. The only thing I really want to do. Make art. It is magic.


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