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Love in bloom

I went to Peggy’s Cove for an afternoon this week and didn’t have a camera. I felt like I wasn’t really there. I went to Chester for an afternoon. Was I really there without my camera? I went to Cape Breton overnight this week and didn’t have a camera. Again, was I really there? How strange to be in a fascinating place and not to have a camera. Yes, I was in all these places and did enjoy being there. I do have vivid images from them. Not only that, I’ve been to each of these places before and have lots of photos. I just like to capture, hold the moments.

These explorations around Nova Scotia happened because my 81 year old cousin was visiting for a week with her 81 year old boyfriend. They were very sweet together, tender, loving, appreciative. All that one could want at any age. I enjoyed their company and enjoyed seeing their pleasure in being with each other. Love is alive and well at any age. It can be.

Even in England (here in a park in Exeter):



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