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Long ideas


I started work on a big project: two 3’ x 10’ paintings. It’s a shape I would never have imagined myself using. But a friend was selling the stretchers and I couldn’t resist the challenge. And it is a challenge. I am, and always have been, more comfortable with a vertical imagination. Lines, space, form always added up to a tall image. I want to avoid landscape references. In abstract painting, a landscape format is often used. So these very horizontal canvases are definitely unique for me.

To my surprise, the paintings are evolving much differently than I had expected when I first imagined this project. I had thought I would be using horizontal lines and expanding the space by the way they moved variously across the canvases. But I am, still, using a more vertical image. The broad expanse feels tall.

I am keeping a running photo log of the process but don’t feel I can share it just yet. Maybe later. The above image is one of two 7″ x 5″ postcards I sent to the Old Lockup Gallery in Cromford, Derbyshire, UK for a fundraiser, September 1. Check it out if you are nearby!


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