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Just thinking


A couple of days ago, I awoke to a dream I was having.  In mood, it was just like the worst first day of school dreams I used to have when I was younger.  This dream took place where I have been teaching workshops over the past year.  I have a drawing class scheduled for next Wednesday, but in the dream I hadn’t let the students know what to bring for supplies.  Since I have an unusual project planned (I’ll tell you more later, if it works!), I needed to let them know.  But I had, in the dream, forgotten.  So I needed to wing it.  It was very awkward, to say the least.

Meanwhile I have been spending a few days sorting through my thoughts about painting and want to push the work further. At this point, I have nine canvases ready, stretched up, primed with three layers of gesso, collage elements applied and images silkscreened onto them. It’s been backbreaking work and it is done! Now I am ready to dig in.  Beginning something new, like the first day of school.


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