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July was

Japanese Iris, July 7, 2010, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

July has come and gone and summer has advanced beyond into cooler nights. It seems time is speeding by. Maybe it is or does it just seem that way the older we get? I’ll never get used to how short summer is. When the bugs were in full bloom, I was almost longing for winter. (I said “almost”!) But now that winter is closer, I’m sad to think how short the summer is here. I’ve enjoyed my garden. It’s in full bloom now; I’m harvesting vegetables, eating well, taking pleasure in weeding and replanting.

July was good for swimming in the lake, eating raspberries along the paths while walking with Lila in Point Pleasant Park. meeting and chatting with neighbors on the road walking our dogs, eating on the deck in the sun. Not enough studio time but altogether a warm and friendly month.


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