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Is it Art?

I love discovering new places to hike with Lila. Yesterday my friend Heather and her dog Clancy took us to a new path. It led through some woods to a lake and onto the Rails to Trails.  The Rails to Trails is a sad phenomenon, a conversion of a rail line that connected one end of Nova Scotia to another into a hiking trail.  The trail is good for many people, some bikers,  ATV’s, dogs and other animals such as deer and bears.  But so many times I have wished there was a commuter rail from my house to Halifax.  I would have used it often.  If it had been there.  It would have been so easy.

Now it seems more than animals use this particular path.  The ever present graffiti artists.  But is it art?  These particular drawings actually looked intriguing.  Yet I still have a categorical dislike for grafitti.  I understand the need for youthful expression and rebellion.  And here they come together.  But I have seen so much on the streets and subways of New York and even across Europe.  Often it is aggressive and ugly.  Here it does seem soft and seductive.  But still, it is descrating public property.  I would prefer there be a way for this energy to be put on public murals to be appreciated.  Properly.


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