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“Comparing Mythologies, no.8″; oil & collage on canvas; 8″ x 8”

Imagination is the door to infinity. Open it up and anything can happen. Last week, when putting collage elements on the eleven canvases I am beginning, I felt daring and tried new arrangements, leaving spaces between the pieces, putting them in different configurations. Something I don’t usually do. Strange how such a simple change could feel so brave. My main hope is that it will shake up my usual visual methodology, help me find new pathways into that ever elusive unknown.

It is always exciting to have blank canvases within my reach. Even more exciting to start work on them, make wild marks, play, even pretend I know what I will do. Or not know. Either way. But I do usually come to a point where I have to make major decisions or nothing will happen; the painting will go nowhere. The joy of creativity is not a straight line, does not come in a box. That’s why I like to call it work. But really, I feel so privileged to have such work within my reach.


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