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“If you cannot be enlightened, pretend to be someone who is enlightened, and then behave like

I found a great video of an inspirational commencement speech on Rachel Pink’s blog.  It’s great.  The speaker, Neil Gaiman, not only writes novels and stories, makes film, comic books, writes children’s books, but he also speaks brilliantly about How to Make Great Art.  It’s well worth the twenty minutes to listen.  Check it out.

As for pretending to be someone who is enlightened, several years ago I was taking piano lessons with a woman who liked having her adult students play for each other.  Now, I don’t usually like playing the piano for others.  But she introduced the afternoon by telling us a good technique for overcoming stage fright: just pretend you are someone whom you admire, venerate, and be that person when you are playing.  So I became Mozart.  And I played brilliantly.

Actually, perhaps, maybe I really am Toulouse Lautrec in my studio.  Who know.  Only me.


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