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I went to the moon and came back with the holy grail

Rails to trails, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

I’ve come down from the moon and I’m cleaning up my studio. I tackled the top of the flat files first. That’s almost done. The studio floor is almost clear. Still needs more work. The biggest mess is on the stairs going down to the studio. (My studio is a walk-out basement, would be a rec-room in any one else’s house.)

Studio Rally Weekend is the end of the month. It’s a good reason to clean up. But mostly, it’s easier to work in a clean (or cleaner than how it usually is) room. Nevertheless, I’d rather be painting.

While walking Lila this evening, we stopped at a neighbor’s. The dad and two young children were outside enjoying the end of yet another beautiful sunny day. We were chatting about jobs. He’s a pharmacologist, works at the Children’s Hospital in Halifax. His is a nine to five job. So he assumed I work when I feel like it. He was surprised when I said I have a schedule. He asked don’t I work when I feel creative. I told him I feel creative when I work. Creativity happens when I work and if I don’t work, I am not creative, or rather creating. In truth, I never feel like nothing is happening. It’s always there. So I go into my studio to let it happen. That’s where I find the Holy Grail.

Actually, I never even heard of the Holy Grail until well into my thirties. But the idea has always been a driving force in me. To find that thing with special powers, to give meaning to life itself. Special powers here is the art of seeing deeply and as such, appreciating, be it nature or contrived, as art is.


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